Host a Screening

Bring MOTO 9 to your home town.

For nine years now, The Assignment has dished out chapter after chapter of raw, ground-breaking MOTO The Movie footage. This year, MOTO 9 lives up to the name, bringing you some of the worlds best riders, the gnarliest tracks, and new, unimaginable action. We’re presenting our latest and greatest film in this year’s nationwide MOTO 9 Premiere Tour, but we rely on moto-lovers and fans to help expand our reach and spread the word about MOTO 9 worldwide.

If you don’t see a MOTO 9 Premiere near you, check out the information below on hosting your own independent screening. We supply the movie, promotional graphics, and marketing consultations. You pick a venue, (place) the marketing materials, sell the tickets, and run the show!

WHEN: MOTO 9 is geared up to release in early November for independent screenings.

HOW: If an independent screening sparks your interest, fill out the “MOTO 9 Licensing Request” form below. We will review it and be in touch shortly to hash out the details.

FORMAT: Blu-Ray or DVD

COST: The independent screening licensing fee varies from case to case, based on show location, seating capacity, number of showings, and ticket price. To make it simple, your licensing fee is either a hard-set fixed amount, or a percentage of your Gross Ticket Sales; whichever is greater.

CONTACT: If you’re interested in hosting your own MOTO 9 Premiere but have some questions about getting started, please email