Street Team

Join Our Street Team

MOTO The Movie Fans,

We're taking to the streets in an effort to spread the news about this year's movie. If you are a passionate and enthusiastic MOTO The Movie fan and/or general moto-lover, we need your help on the MOTO The Movie Street Team! We are lucky to have such a devoted fan base, and it’s fans like you that make our National Tour stops such a great success. If you choose to be a part of this year’s marketing efforts, you will be rewarded with MOTO The Movie gear or movie tickets.

Join the MOTO The Movie Street Team. It's simple!

Street Team Duties Include:

  •    Postering in high-traffic, relevant spaces – i.e. walking malls, campuses, coffee shops, theaters and store fronts (where allowed)
  •    Hand-to-hand flyering in high-traffic, relevant spaces  - i.e. motocross tracks, races, other action sport events & premieres
  •    Get flyers into relevant store fronts – i.e. stack of flyers at the register at motorcycle/mountain bike shops and local sports stores
  •    Get social – share local tour dates, trailers, teasers and photos on your personal social media
  •    Get local groups involved - Get local motorcycle clubs and publications to share tour dates and trailers socially
  •    Get creative! – Look for opportunities to promote the show in other, non-traditional ways

Reward Program

1st Tier: Social Actions

        2+ social posts     

        - Can all be posted to one social network or across several

         Minimum requirements for social network:

        - For posting to Facebook: 300 friends

        - For posting to Twitter: 100 followers

        - For posting to Instagram: 100 followers

        - Earns you $2 off your ticket to MOTO 8

2nd Tier: Social + Postering/Flyering

       - 5+ Social posts (requirements same as above)

       - Local postering and/or flyering

       - Earns you 1 free ticket to MOTO 8 + Free MOTO 7 film download

3rd Tier: Social + Postering/Flyering + More

       - 5+ Social posts (requirements same as above)

       - Local postering and/or flyering

       - Other actions from the "Street Team duties" list above

       - Earns you 1 free ticket + MOTO The Movie tee and MOTO 8 DVD

Next steps:

  • Reach out to us at via email at with your contact information, shipping address, tier you're interested in, and premiere location that you would like to promote for
  • We will respond promptly and get you any promo materials or additional information you may need      
  • You can expect your promo materials 2-3 weeks before your local show